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Our full-time programmes ensure graduates possess the skills and graduate attributes most required in the workplace and that they are ready to immediately enter modern careers in a wide variety of employment sectors.
We welcome applications from international students.
Full-time Undergraduate Programmes

DT205 BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences

The programme DT205 BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences is a broad-based mathematics degree which develops a deep knowledge and understanding of all branches of mathematics from pure and applied mathematics to statistics and operations research. The programme emphasises the applications of mathematical principles to real-world problems through mathematical modelling and practical problem solving. Graduates of the programme possess highly-developed analytical and problem-solving skills and are well placed to embark on high-achieving careers in science, industry, commerce, teaching, the public sector and other professions. Graduates of the programme are also qualified to proceed to graduate study and higher degrees by research. More information...

DT220 BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics

Graduates of the programme DT220 BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics are ideally prepared for careers as mathematicians in business and industry. Mathematicians are found throughout industry and the ability to apply mathematical rigour and problem-solving techniques in analytical roles within industry ensures that mathematical graduates are in high-demand across a wide range of industries. The programme builds upon a broad-based introduction to mathematical sciences, specialising in latter years in mathematical topics that are of particular relevance and importance to careers in industry. In addition to developing a deep technical understanding of mathematics and its application to real-world problems, the programme develops the knowledge and non-technical skills required by employers. More information...

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Full-time Postgraduate Programmes

MSc in Applied Mathematics DT9209 (Sept intake)/DT9211 (Jan intake)

The programme offers a broad range of topics in applied mathematics and is suitable for applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds. It is designed to cater not only for those who wish to develop an advanced level of mathematical knowledge and practical skills relevant to problem solving in diverse, real-world contexts but also for those that simply wish to develop their understanding and appreciation of a fundamental branch of mathematics. More information...

DT9205 MSc in Mathematical Physics

The programme is suitable for applicants with a strong mathematical background who wish to develop their knowledge and appreciation of advanced mathematical topics as a preparation for research or to enter highly technical, research-focussed roles in business or industry. Graduates will acquire the analytical skills to perform advanced professional and technical roles. More information...

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The School of Mathematical Sciences also offers full-time degrees by research (MPhil & PhD). For more information: tel:+353 1 4024611 or email

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