Programmes in the School of Mathematical Sciences

The School of Mathematical Sciences offers both full-time and part-time programmes at a range undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in addition to postgraduate research degrees and continuing professional development (CPD) short courses.

There are opportunities to study mathematics and statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences to suit learners from all backgrounds – whether going to college for the first time, returning to education or seeking to retrain and upskill. Our programmes are delivered by dedicated, approachable lecturers using modern teaching methods to ensure that our graduates develop the knowledge and transferrable skills required for modern, technical and analytical careers or for further study. Students are supported throughout their studies to achieve their full mathematical potential and gain a deep knowledge, enthusiasm and enjoyment of pure & applied mathematics, statistics and operations research.

Mathematics and statistics are fundamental disciplines relevant to employment sectors throughout the economy. Our graduates are career-ready and highly-valued for their flexibility and problem-solving skills. The School interacts closely with our external partners to ensure that our programmes remain innovative and relevant and our graduates succeed in their chosen careers.  Examples of careers for mathematics graduates can be found here.

Information about our programmes and contact details of programme coordinators with which to discuss opportunities for study can be found at the following links:

Full-time undergraduate programmes
Part-time undergraduate programmes
Postgraduate taught programmes
Postgraduate research degrees
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short courses

General information about studying can be found at