Indicative syllabus

The links below provide indicative content for modules on the programmes delivered by the School of Mathematical Sciences. The indicative syllabus are designed to help prospective students prepare for the material that will be covered in the modules that they may study and each syllabus contains a list of suggested background reading material. However, modules are subject to frequent Quality Assurance review and may change. Registered students will receive annual handbooks giving definitive information and module descriptors for their programmes.

Note that the School can also offer individual modules as Continuing Professional Development opportunities.

Indicative module syllabus by programme

Part-time programmesFull-time programmes
DT6248 H. Cert Mathematics DT205 BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences
DT7248 BSc Mathematics DT220 BSc (Hons) Industrial Mathematics
DT8248 BSc (Hons) Mathematics
MSc ProgrammesCPD Programmes
DT9205/DT9206 MSc Mathematical Physics DT8998 CPD Diploma in Data Analysis for Professionals
DT9209/10/11/12 MSc Applied Mathematics DT9002 PG Cert Applied Statistics
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