Seminar 27/10/17: Theoreticholesterol

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Steven Watterson
University of Ulster
Friday 27 October 2017
1pm, Blue Room, 4th floor, Main Building, DIT Kevin Street


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally. The majority of cardiovascular disease can be attributed to atherosclerosis, a chronic condition akin to swelling in the artery wall that impedes blood flow either directly or by thrombosis after rupture. Atherosclerosis develops as a result of the interplay between blood flow dynamics, innate immune responses and cholesterol metabolism and many of the pharmaceutical industries blockbuster drugs of the last twenty years have targeted cholesterol metabolism, making this a field of significant commercial as well as clinical interest. Despite this, relatively little quantitative work has been done modelling cholesterol metabolism, atherosclerosis and their physiological regulation. I will describe work undertaken recently at the Northern Ireland Centre for Stratified Medicine modelling cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. I will describe how we can learn from nature to better improve preventative treatments for cardiovascular disease and how we should be able to use computational approaches to create treatments that are tailored to an individual's genetics in the future.