Seminar 11/4/19: ‘Adding’ value – why the New Economy needs mathematics

Public Lecture:

‘Adding’ value – why the New Economy needs mathematics
Professor Vakhtang Putkaradze
James M Flaherty Visiting Professor 

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences,
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Thursday 11 April 2019
6.30pm, Room AU G-018, Ground floor, Aungier Street Campus, TU Dublin, City Campus


"Why study mathematics when computers have become so clever? Won't computers eventually solve all our problems, and we just need to find the right way to feed them information?” In this talk, we shall consider examples of why modern technology and leading industries demand higher-than-ever levels of mathematical knowledge, contrary to the 'computers can solve everything' viewpoint. We shall also discuss the importance of nurturing the free creative spirit in mathematics research. The examples that will be explored will range from renewable energy, sensor development and mathematics of sports, to recent start-ups from Silicon Valley.

All are welcome!

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The talk is made possible by the James M Flaherty Visiting Professorship award from the Ireland - Canada University Foundation, with the assistance of the Government of Canada/avec l’appui du gouvernement du Canada. Partial support from NSERC and the University of Alberta is gratefully acknowledged.