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Research Overview

My research is highly collaborative and multidisciplinary. I utilize classical, frequentist and Bayesian statistics combined with numerical methods to analyse and help interrupt and predict large and complex Neuroscience datasets.

Multisensory Processing

Vis-Ves I design experiments and novel signal processing methods to investigate multisensory integration using psychophysics combined with Electroencephalograms (EEG) and intracranial recordings. I investigate the role of visual and vestibular inputs in self-motion (e.g. walking and driving) which I model using a Bayesian framework to make predictions of how the sensory cues combine. I have expanded this research by investigating the neural correlates of self-motion using EEG and full body motion.
For more details and videos on my Sensory and Multisensory research click here.

Sensory and Multisensory Development

Vis-ITC My research investigates the developmental of unisensory and multisensory processing in typically developing children and children with developmental disorders such as Autism. This research is being carried out in collaboration with Prof J. Foxe (Rochester University) and Prof Sophie Molholm (Albert Einstein College of Medicine).
For more details and videos on my Sensory and Multisensory Development research click here.

Movement Disorders

Dystonia My basic and translational research in movement disorders probes the neural and behavioural correlates of movement from visuo-motor learning to walking. This research is being carried out in collaboration with Prof Richard Reilly (TCD) and Prof. M. Hutchinson (St Vincent's University Hospital) on patients with Dystonia and Prof. Lynch on patients with Parkinson (Dublin Neurology Institute).
For more details and videos on my Movement Disorders research click here.
Analysis Software
Temporal Discrimination Threshold Extraction Method

Computational Neuroscience

Model I use multisensory behavioural and EEG recordings in conjunction with maximum likelihood estimation models of sensory integration and dynamic causal modeling to design systems of differential equations to model neuronal processing of sensory motor decision making and multisensory integration.
For more details and code on my Computational research click here


My ongoing research with James Loughman is on causes and intervetions for glaucoma and myopia, for more detail go to the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI).